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In February 2009, the Obama Administration introduced the Making Home Affordable Program (M.H.A.) which included the program called the Home Affordable Modification Program or H.A.M.P.  A logical, intelligent plan to stabilize the housing market and help struggling homeowners get relief and avoid foreclosure. In March 2009, the Treasury Department (Treasury) issued uniform guidance for loan modifications across the mortgage industry and subsequently updated and expanded that guidance in a series of policy announcements.

Since it's inception the M.H.A. and H.A.M.P. has been met with disdain from the same banks who demanded the American Taxpayer bail them out of the financial crisis they themselves created. Telling the American people that the Economy would implode and we would all be on bread and soup lines if we did not give them BILLIONS in less than a WEEK. Even though they were given assistance in their time of need, the banks have seen fit to deny most homeowner requests for assistance and only a small percentage of the 4.4 Million Homeowners the H.A.M.P. program was intended to help have been given permanent modifications.  Now 2 years latter the inaction,incompetence and self interest of  the financial industry have put over 10 Million additional Americans are at risk.  Incredibly, during this time millions of homes have already been foreclosed on and according to the media, courts and Treasury Department some illegally.

Our program simply creates irrefutable submissions the banks can't decline and if they have the audacity to do so educate homeowners on their options to force compliance in the most expedient fashion.  We leave no homeowner alone and at the mercy of the banks arbitrary implementation of federal guidelines and internal schemes to discourage troubled homeowners.  Join Us!


One of our specialties is helping those who have been declined by the bank or ripped off by unscrupulous loan modification companies or law firms get the PERMANENT RELIEF THEY QUALIFY FOR WITH OUT GETTING THE RUN AROUND AND DOUBLE TALK !


There are numerous M.H.A. Programs including H.A.M.P. available to qualified homeowners.  We will underwrite any applicants application free of charge and inform them of the program(s) they qualify for based on the information provided and the guidelines. 


The programs include:


  • Straight H.A.M.P. Modifications - 1st Mortgages

  • Programs For Second Mortgages

  • Programs For The Unemployed

  • Programs For Homeowners with Negative Equity

  • Programs For Short Sales

  • And More....

The Homeowner Comes First!  Never Take Money From Non-Qualified Customers


Every potential client undergoes a full pre-qualification underwriting analysis and N.P.V. test prior to any money exchanging hands.  This is costly and results in a large percentage of our applications being declined.  However, our mission is to help those that can be helped and to never deceive or offer false hope to homeowners who have no chance of modification or short sale.  Qualified clients who purchase our document package receive our support. Those who can not qualify receive a free analysis of how they may best extract themselves from a no win situation as well as information and resources based on their own personal unique situation.

Our System also protects the Branch and consultants from the liability associated with loan modification schemes and assures your
reputation is protected and your clients become raving fans.


Our Mission is the reason for our success!

You will have the power of a company behind you that is second to none, that has dug the trenches and paved the road of success.  All you need is to have the desire to succeed in this business.

At American Family Assistance our Mission is to specialize in providing American Homeowners the products, education, support and
leverage needed to prevail against the huge Banks and Financial Intuitions terrorizing the American middle and lower classes.  Our
mission is to reverse this trend in society.  Arming the American Homeowner with the tools they need protect their most significant asset and their piece of the American Dream. The single most powerful tool American Homeowners have in this battle is the Governments Making Homes Affordable Program and in Particular H.A.M.P. (Home Affordable Modification Program) a.k.a. The Obama Program!  With reasonable execution by those entrusted with it's implementation; regardless of it's imperfections the program has real potential to heal the disastrous real estate market, help American Homeowners and jump start the economy.  So far it has failed in those goals because of darkly comical implementation.  We are working to reverse this trend by truly helping struggling families!  Join Our Mission, Make Real Money Doing Good Things For Great People. This is what we do, and our products are designed towards that end.  We are Faith Based and tired of the disconnect in society created by the financial crisis, resulting recession and system of rules that create a less than level playing field for the Average American.  Join our Mission Call Today!  You will be amazed how easy it is and we will walk you through every step along the way.


MEDIA LIBRARY:   What Others Are Saying....

The news is full of reports on foreclosures, unemployment rates and the financial implosion of our country. Truly homeowners that try to accomplish this on their own are facing an uphill battle and have a 66% chance of being declined, stonewalled and generally pushed to the brink of financial disaster.  Homeowners who use tools provided by industry professionals have a much better chance of success.

 A Frustrated homeowners nightmare dealing with his bank alone in his own words.

We are not associated with the federal government or the American Reinvestment and Renewal Act. We are not a government agency.  We are not associated with your lender.  We are not a loan modification company.  We are not attorney and do not give legal advise.  We are a document preparation company that prepares documents for consumers.

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